2007-08 -Curacao – Venezuela.

 On the 6th Jan.  we left Spaansewater anchorage and after a  couple of hours the wind increased again and we sailed and tacked twice and then headed for the Venezuelan coast and motor sailed for the following 2 nights  to Tortuga and  anchored off Little Tortuga.

Venezuela Coast

The following days we  had perfect weather and on the 13th  we motored to Cayo Herradura.  Went ashore and walked and swam  and gave the fisherman cooldrinks etc. in exchange for 3 crayfish.

   On the 17th we left Tortuga  for Little Tortuga,  spent the day there and  sailed overnight to Puerto La Cruz.

TMO Marina

Marinas in Puerto La Cruz

Aerial View of waterway and marinas in Puerto La Cruz

Aqua Vi Marina

Bahia Redonda marina

El Morro marinas and hotels

Waterway – Marina and Golf course

Waterway -Marinas & Shopping Centre

Dinghy along waterway to Plaza Major Shopping Centre

Plaza Major Shopping Mall

I was not doing another book, so had time to go shopping with Suzie on ‘Ariel’ and then Heather arrived on ‘Argonauta 1’, after completing their round the world trip here in Venezuela,  and we went out a few times.  Dave helped Nick and Danielle on ‘Sea Quest’ which he later re-named ‘Colibri’.   On the 15th April, Dave had to take the owner of the marina and his family on the Beneteau  which we had delivered here,  to Los Roques for 2 weeks.

On the 7th April, Janine, Nick’s sister, Danielle and myself took a bus to Cumana, had lunch at the Marina and walked round till 3pm. then had a 3 hour bus ride to Curipe.  A lovely drive along the coast of Gulf de Carriacou and then inland, mountains, clean a pretty countryside to the town of Curipe.  The bus driver took us to the hotel where we stayed overnight.

                   The town was  clean compared to Puerto La Cruz and the people very friendly.  High mountains surround the town.

The following morning we walked downtown to

a Panadaria for breakfast, then got a taxi to the Guaracha Caves where we joined a group of about 13 people with a guide, who took us through the caves which was a 3 hour tour.

Entrance to Caves

There were many birds in the cave, a very interesting tour of the cave. (Danielle & Janine)

       We walked round the garden and got a taxi to town, where we had delicious  strawberries and cream.

Main Street-Curipe – Guaracho Bird

Janine & Daniella

On the  30th April, we left the marina  for Tortuga, clear and no wind so motor sailed, 10 miles from Tortuga we had wind and sailed to Cayo Herradura.     Went ashore and  collected many  ‘Alekrik’ shell fish for supper,  done in loads of garlic and butter, delicious.   Swam ashore and back to the boat everyday.  We went over to Little Tortuga for the weekend with Argonauta 1.

We returned to Cayo Herradura for another few perfect days.  There was some unusual sea life floating in the water.   We sailed back to the marina in Puerto La Cruz on the 15th May.

I went with Suzi & David on the ferry to Margarita and stayed overnight.

Hotel Colibri -Margarita Island

Santiago Av. Margarita

We went to do some shopping etc. and I took a taxi over to the North side of the Island.

Playa Puerto Cruz

Puerto Cruz

We decided to do a re-fit on our boat, so on the 1st August we went to  Tortuga again for a couple of weeks before starting the work on our boat.  Hurricane season being the best time of the year at these islands.  So we had perfect weather, good for snorkeling, swimming and just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful, beautiful anchorage.

On the 5th September we hauled the boat and took the boom and mast off, peeled the bottom due to osmosis, and then sanded the topsides.

TMO boatyard

Bottom to dry – Spray topsides

Sanded boom and mast and put anti-corrosion on.

Spray painted the boom and mast – Spray painters – Ephraim & Jose

Spray paint hull and stripes

Paint job done and bottom painted,  put mast back on and went back in the water on 12th December.

We then started on the deck, removed all the teak on the lower deck, and Dave made fibreglass panels which he then placed on the deck using epoxy.  We removed and cleaned all the deck fittings and re-fitted everything.

We had a few barbeques at TMO with Lorraine and Roland.

On Christmas Day we went to El Saco beach by dinghy and spent a lovely, relaxing day on the beach.

View to Puerto La Cruz and downtown.

Downtown Puerto La Cruz

Downtown Fruit Vendor               

 After the holidays we continued working on the deck.  During January 2008, Nick off ‘Colibri’  contacted us from the States where he has a Veterinary practice and asked us if we would like to deliver his boat which was in Curacao to California.  We decided we would do the delivery so continued working on the deck and finished fitting the glass panels and painted the lower deck in March and just wanted to get away from boats for a short while.

  We went by bus to Caracas and then to Colonia Tovar, a German Village in the mountains and stayed at the Frankfurt Hotel.

The Frankfurt Hotel- Colonia Tovar

Tourist shops and restaurants.

We enjoyed walking in the surrounding hills and the Village area.

Village Shops & Restaurants

Colonia Tovar

After enjoying our stay in Colonia Tovar we returned to Caracas and Puerto La Cruz.

                        Back a  TMO Marina – Restaurant and Staff.

We hauled the boat again, stowed things and just prepared the boat for an absense of at least 3 months.

(The trip from Curacao to California is in the yacht delivery section).


 On 29th Aug.  we left  for Tortuga Island and had a perfect sail to Playa Caldera.  Went ashore and walked over to the lagoon, posada and landing strip for small planes.

Tortuga Main Island-Caldera Anchorage

Caldera Lagoon

Landing strip!!!

Main beach and Anchorage

We spent a few days in this anchorage and then went down to Cayo  Herradura.    Spent 10 days here and then went to Little Tortuga for a couple of days, more fish in this area so

Dave did a lot of spearfishing,  and then returned to Cayo Herradura.


Fisherman- Conche     –    Dolphin Fish



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