2005-06 Venezuela-Curacao

We went to Little Tortuga again with Roland and Lorraine and anchored off the Eastern Island in front of a reef. Dave went to Spearfish and he caught a huge Crayfish.

By 7pm it was blowing strong from the South East and this was not a nice anchorage to be in due to a  fetch and reefs.  At midnight the wind was blowing about 25 knots     and there was a big  fetch which ripped the anchor chain out of the windlass twice, so we decided to leave and go back to Playa Herradura.  Lorraine and Roland watched us lift anchor, it was wild and scary.  We motored out past the reefs, and saw the powerboat lights at the other anchorage in Herradura.  After watching our wild time Lorraine decided to stay there the night, and keep anchor watch.  We eventually got back to Playa Herradura at 2 a.m.   Following day, the wind was still blowing strong.   We stayed another few days then sailed back to Playa Faro and overnight there, and returned to the marina the following morning.

Easter Weekend:  23.03 – 28.03.   We sailed to Isla Caracas for 2 days then went to El Oculto for 4 days.

  We walked up into the hills and just enjoyed the week at this anchorage and returned to the marina on the 28th.


There were a few parties at the marina and barbeques.

Ken & Audrey, Nick, Roland

Sophie’s 50th

Sophie and Jean Mark,  Iris and Pilar, Twins who worked at the Marina.

Local dancers for the Semana Santa Fiesta- at the Marina Restaurant.


All  trying on the Wig!!!

And the marina dog – Merle -CMO   with wig!!!

On the 15th,  we left the marina and  motored to El Oculto, 18 miles.  and Pisces 111 arrived 2 hours later.

Following day, we went across the bay in the dinghy and walked up the hill.


      On Monday 19th,   we motor sailed to Gulfo Carriacou, and then to Laguna Grande with Pisces 111.   25 miles to the  Lagoon.

Entrance to Lagoon

Amazing Colours

We anchored near a small island and the colours of the surrounding hills were beautiful.

 Following morning  Roland and Lorraine came over and I went ashore with them, and we walked up the hill then walked along the river bed.

On 21st December we motored to Medregal Village in the Gulfo.

Early Morning – Laguna Grande

We went ashore to check out the premises, a new boat yard, the hotel, swimming pool area, and restaurant and bar.  Had a few beers and went back to boat.

Medregal Village

The New Boatyard area

We drove for 2 hours to the town of  Carriacou, to the market for fresh fruit and veg.  We all went ashore in the evening and had dinner at the restaurant.

Met some local people on the beach and were invited to their home.

On the 23rd December, we left Medregal Village and motor sailed all day and night to Blanquilla Island.

We met Georgina and Boo on ‘Morning Star’.

Georgina and I went for a walk to Playa Americano, beautiful white beaches and 2 caves.

We walked to the abandoned house and swam.   Decided to walk back on a different path and along the beach.

Went to Georgina and Boo for Christmas supper, and they left 2 days later for Virgen Islands, St Croix.

 On the 28th,  we motor sailed to Los Testigos and anchored.

Los Testigos

Margarita Island

On Dec. 30th, we left Los Testigos for Grenada, there was a very strong current and  we motor sailed about 50 miles and went nowhere so we turned back and sailed downwind overnight to Margarita island.

Porlamar-Margarita Island

We got a taxi to Rattan in Pampatar,  the town was very busy, many tourists.   Lovely fireworks for the new year’s eve.         We stayed till the 5th January, then left with Pisces 111 for Trinidad.  We motor sailed for about 4 miles when the engine stopped and Dave found the Fuel Filter glass had shattered, so we had to return to Porlamar and sailed into the anchorage.  As our dinghy was on deck we called ‘Kamy Too’ and Lorne came and fetched Dave and they went to Vamasca  chandlery to buy a new filter and Lorne brought Dave back to the boat.  Dave fitted the new filter and the engine was good, so we just relaxed  the rest of the day and left the following morning with Pisces 111.   We headed for the Venezuelan mainland, not much wind overnight,  and arrived off San Francisco Bay in the morning, 1 mile off shore, then to Chagaramus to the Customs dock,  checked in and  had to pay overtime as it was a  Saturday.  We then went to Crews Inn Marina,  and Pisces 111 went to anchor in Scotland Bay.

Chaguaramas – Trinidad

Crews Inn Marina

Went to Budget Marine, Peake Marine and to customs to collect a parcel.

I got a bus to  Independence square, Porto Spain, some shopping along  Frederick street, then a taxi to the Botanic Gardens, and  to the Zoo .

I then walked round Queens Park Savannah to the ‘Magnificent Seven’, a group of ostentatious residences, built in the early 1900’s.

Lorraine and Roland came over and we went to the Crews Inn restaurant and met Shaym, a local businessman whom we met on our first visit to Trinidid, and ended the evening on Picses 111.

On Saturday 14th January we left for Los Testigos, then overnight to Tortuga .   Dave caught 2 mackeral on the way.

Cayo Herradura- Tortuga


We stayed another 2 weeks and on the 28th January, we sailed to Playa Farro for 2 days then   returned to the Marina. Johan and Kenwyn were also there.

El Saco Beach

Kenwyn & Di

Kenwyn, Di and myself  went to Bahia Redonda and got the Pinero to El Saco Beach for the day.    Clear lovely day, we snorkeled to the next beach and back, went for walks, lunch and enjoyed the day.

      El Saco

On February 17th, Di, Kenwyn and myself took a bus to town and then another bus to Playa Colorada.

We then went by  pinero over to Isla Arapo, where we spent 3 hours, swam walked around, saw a Toucan in the tree.


Abandoned Hotel-Arapos Isl

Returned to Playa Colorada, had a beer and then got a bus back to PLC.

Playa Colorado

Kenwyn & Di

Kenwyn was getting their boat ready to leave for Panama, so we had a lunch on board.

Farewell Party -Di & Les

Also Wendy & Lorne Farewell!!

Michelle & Roy

Wendy & Lorne – ¨Kamytoo¨

Di & Les leaving for Panama and New Zealand.

On the 8th April, we had a lovely sail to Tortuga and anchored in Playa Herradura.   By the 4th day the anchorage was packed with power boats so we motored to little Tortuga.

Spent our days snorkeling and Dave spearfished, with the result we had many fish barbeques and just enjoyed the perfect weather.



Returned to the marina on the 18th.  I decided to do another book, the 5th edition, which was completed in August.

The 5th & Final Directory









On the 4th October we decided to go to the ABC islands, so we first went to El Oculto our favourite anchorage just to overnight.  Left the following morning for Cumana marina to take on fuel and decided to stay for 1 night in the marina.

We motor sailed to Cubagua,  overnight, then  to Tortuga Island, to the main anchorage of Caldera for a few days then sailed to Cayo Herradura and stayed 10 days.

Caldera – Tortuga

On 23rd,  we set sail for Los Roques and anchored in Cayo Elbert for 3 days then sailed 30 miles to Los Aves,  Buenovento islands.   Dinghy down waterway to see the baby terns.

Dave went trawling and caught 3 fish, and a huge Pompano.

On 30th,  we sailed 20 miles to Sotovento Los Aves, overnight and then sailed to the Bonaire  moorings.  Once again enjoyed our weeks stay in Bonaire, walking round the clean town, going to a couple of restaurants and swimming off the boat in the crystal clear water.


Bonaire Beach road

We went to Klein Bonaire by dinghy, round the island and  snorkeled  in a few places.  On the 6th Nov. sailed to Curacao 35 miles, continued past Spanish Water anchorage to Piscadera bay, which was very protected and lovely, but after being there a couple of weeks we realised why people don’t anchor there for long, depending on the wind direction, the oil refinery spews out yellow sulphor and pollution, and the smell is awfull.   There was a small boatyard, and the bay was surrounded by bush and hills.

Entrance to Piscadera Bay

Piscadera anchorage

We went over to Spanish Water to visit Kenwyn & (Johan was in S.A) on Saraband and we were all invited to  Savannah Blue, Rolf and Brigitte for lunch.

We went to Willemstad many times and just walked round the town, tourist shops and visited a few museums and also went to the Casinos a few times.

       I went to the zoo.


Downtown Curacao

We left Piscadera Bay and motored to Spanish Water where it seems to blow 25-30knots everyday and a crowded anchorage,  and anchored near the fishing marina.  We went ashore and walked up the hill, where we had good views from the top overlooking Spanish Water bay area.

View Across Spanish Water Anchorage

We also went to the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort.




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  1. 14/04/2010 at 12:35 pm

    Hi guys, you really know what beautiful means!!
    I was living in the Caribbean for many years working as a cook and last seven years
    runing an small juice bar in Port of Spain. was the most delicious time of my life.
    All the best for you people!
    Cesar from Argentina.

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