1998 – Ven.-Home-Trinidad

After walking the streets of Puerto La Cruz for 5 months, calling on boat related businesses to place adverts, Nicola and I published a business directory and information about Venezuela, and the marinas etc.

Saturday 27th June we had a book launch at CMO restaurant, snacks and rum punch, and about 80 yachties attended, also a race crowd had a barbecue at the restaurant, this was a very enjoyable, successful evening.

 We printed 3000 copies for distribution in the  marinas etc. over the following year.   An article on the book was printed in  the “Compass Magazine”.

We did some boat maintenance,   sanding wood and varnishing and  in June we went to La Borracha Island for a week, relaxed and enjoyed swimming, and Dave went fishing.

  La Borracha Anchorage!!

We bought and fitted an air-conditioner, makes life more pleasant down below, sleep easier and Sheena loves the air-con,  well she was 12 years old in July and still fit and healthy.

A big supermarket opened in the large shopping complex, down the waterway, so we dinghy down and buy groceries, also cinemas etc, much easier and more pleasant than going down town.

Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre

What a mission to get the boat ready, after being in the marina so long.  Tried to get the Genoa up again, and the sail jammed half-way up, 2 screws were missing on the roler furler again, so Dave replaced the screws and put a Teflon bearing on the top to keep the furler running true.  On the 30th July we left for La Borracha island, overnight there and left at 4a.m. for TORTUGA island.

We anchored in Cayo Herradura and stayed for 10 wonderful days, 5 knot breeze during the day.  Dave spear-fished, so we ate plenty of fish everyday, 1 meal just had shell fish, conch,  & Crayfish.

We then went over to Las Tortuguillas, where  the local fisherman had just netted thousands of yellow tail.  I went ashore with Sheena and walked around the island, and spent some time  at the shallow lagoon.   We returned to Puerto La Cruz, but about 1 hour from La Borracha island, we heard a noise and checked the engine and found plenty of water in the bilge, so we stopped the engine, and we pumped and pumped.  Found the water inlet pipe had come off.

On the 16th October, I flew  from Caracas via France, and arrived in JHB on the 18th October, on my mothers 81st birthday.

Spent 2 weeks with  the family  then flew to Durban, and stayed with Dave’s mom for 4 days,  then flew to Cape Town, and spent the first night at the Gardens Hotel, and a few days with friends. I flew back to JHB for another week at home with our family.    Wonderful 6 weeks  at home.

Simonstown -Town Dock - shops-Waterfront

0268  went home Oct. 98 Simonstown

Simonstown Marina

  Drove along the Cape peninsula

Visit Friends

 Went to visit Kirstenbosch Gardens

Views _ beautiful Cape

We left PLC the 21st December, spent 3 days in the Mochima Park at El Oculto, beautiful, then overnight to Blanquille island, about 110 miles.  We were only going to stay a few days, but ended up spending 10 days there.

 Blanquilla Island _ Venezuela







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